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The National Lacy Dog Association

The National Lacy Dog Association's mission is to preserve and promote the Lacy as a true working breed. They provide the historical information to support this commitment and only promote breeders dedicated to ethically producing the next generation of working Lacys.
For more information on the NLDA as well as the Lacy breed in general, visit National Lacy Dog Association and the official Working Lacy Dog Blog.

The National Lacy Dog Registry

The NLDR was created in 2009 to fill the growing need for standardization, preservation and sound breeding practices in the Lacy community. The mission of the NLDR is to promote correct conformation standards, support sound temperament and preserve the natural working ability in purebred Lacy Dogs.
To achieve this mission, the NLDR is developing a multifaceted database that stores extended pedigrees as well as performance accomplishments, health certifications, inbreeding coefficients and more.
By combining these accurate records with standardized inspections and a thorough registration process, we provide a superior experience for breeders and owners alike.
The National Lacy Dog Registry is the process of becoming a registered 501(c)3 charitable non-profit devoted to the conservation of this rare breed.
Visit the National Lacy Dog Registry for information on how to register a purebred lacy dog.

Lone Star Working Dog Association

The LSWDA is a 501(c)(7) nonprofit organization dedicated to uniting the Texas working dog world. Their mission is to promote the unique skills and inherent abilities of working dogs while educating the public and raising awareness of working dog issues. They also have a strong focus on lobbying for the rights of working dog owners in the legislature.

Lone Star Bowhunters Association

The Lone Star Bowhunters Association (LSBA) is the only organization representing bowhunters' privileges in the State of Texas. The sole purpose of the LSBA is to unite the state's bowhunting sportspeople to work towards a common goal of preserving and promoting the sport of bowhunting in Texas.

P.O. Box 1634 Kingsland, TX 78639 (830) 220-4747 lacydogregistry@gmail.com
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